Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Slow Drive Home

I admit it.... I've been cheating on my blog, not like writing down fake birds, but like.... writing other blogs.  The past 2 plus years I've been focusing my outdoor time looking and learning to identify those feathered dinosaurs of today.  With the quiet birdy days of summer upon us my interest have broadened and I've started a more general nature blog HERE.  That's not to say I haven't been birding, every day I've been scouring the campus at work, and co-authoring the West Campus blog.  All of this has lead to me ignoring my birding blog having nothing left to blog about. 

Monk Parakeet nest

So, today I decided to take the long way home and stop by the garden in Stratford where there are quite a few good bird species.  In the spring I heard many warblers migrating through and all throughout the summer Song Sparrows and Baltimore Orioles have been making their presence known.  Another loud call that can be heard every time is that of the Monk Parakeet who have two nests in a large white pine tree in the middle of the parking lot. 

Monk Parakeet close-up

I personally am not a fan of these birds or any plant or animal that has been brought into the state by humans whether on purpose or by accident.  I wont however, go into that because there are so many differing opinions on such matters and my goal of the blog is to encourage people to read it and go out bird watching.  Needless to say these birds seem to be here to stay and one can only hope that there wont be repercussions.  The two nests in this tree seem to be supporting a smallish colony, I can only guess of about 10 birds. 

Painted Turtle

I also made a quick stop at Wooster Park Pond on my way and couldn't believe how low the water has gotten.  The water was filled with Lochness monster-sized carp and snapping turtles but no ducks.  Many American Goldfinch flew around the pond, a few even landing on the 'island' at the northside of the pond.  One sandpiper made a brief showing as it flew across the pond before disappearing up stream.  I'd guess it was a Solitary Sandpiper although, I'm no good at those shorebird things.  :-)