Wednesday, October 17, 2012

French Birds!

The French country-side is devoid of internet.  Maybe that's a bit of an over-statement but after having become accustomed to the internet access here in the states, spending a week without checking my email, playing on facebook, or posting a blog was rough!  (insert slight sarcasm).  Anyway, After having promised my faithful blog readers to post pictures and blogs from the trip, I still haven't.  As I've mentioned in other posts, my birding was WAY less successful than I had hoped for.  Here's a few images from the trip all from Brittany region.  Most were in the country but a couple were coastal stops.

Common Martins

Eurasian Collared Dove

Some Turdus

Wood Pigeon

Herring Gulls

Black-headed Gull (I think)

Great Black-backed Gull

Green Finch


Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo)

Barn Swallow

Blackbird (equiv to our robin)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall FALL Migration!

I LOVE fall migration and this year is a great one.  This week at work we've had our second all time high for bird species on campus.  That's beating out three spring migration seasons, pretty impressive.  So why is fall migration my favorite (recently decided)?  The weather is nice, the birds are plentiful, and the species hint at how busy feeders will be in a few months.  One of the best parts is how tricky the birds are, leaves on trees obscure views, species are in nonbreeding plummage and those tricky sparrows that have been gone for months suddenly arrive and id's need refreshing.

Clay-colored Sparrow
Anyway, recently I've been hawk watching and enjoying the sparrows as they file back into the weedy grassy sections of lawns.  Rather than talk about species and birding adventures, here's a few photos.  As for how my competition is going... I'm not sure.  I'm doing ok but I don't know how the Oregon list is going. 

Northern Harrier- (young bird)

Palm Warbler- Yellow (Eastern)

Palm Warbler- Brown (Western)

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Could it be a Lincoln's Sparrow??

Nope, It's a Swamp Sparrow

Black Scoter (female) *LIFE BIRD*