Wednesday, February 22, 2012

End of the Road

After a meeting in downtown New Haven, I headed back to the Peabody Museum to have yet another meeting.  I pulled into the parking lot next to the Peabody at the end of Humphrey and came to the stop sign in the parking lot.  Looking up on the small grassy patch across the way, I suddenly yelled.  "Oh My God!  It's a Peregrine Falcon eating a Pigeon."

Peregrine Falcon- feather from prey

Sure enough an adult Peregrine Falcon was sitting on top of it's prey pulling off little bits and pieces.  We quietly (we were in a hybrid) pulled up next to the bird and pulled out our cell phones.  Pictures aren't 'the best' but the view certainly was. 

Someone is coming...

I sent the picture over to Steve Broker who has been studying some of the local Peregrine Falcons and found out that a pair has nested on both East Rock and West Rock.  He has also noticed some activity associated with the Klein Biology Tower (KBT) in the science hill area of Yale's campus.  This shot was almost at the foot of that building and very likely might be a pair of birds scoping out the tower for a nesting spot. 

Peregrine Falcon taking a bite.

It's amazing what a few trees in a parking lot can produce.  I've seen Common Grackles nesting in the parking lot, Chipping Sparrows throughout the summer, warbler species use them as a stop during migration, there's been Red-tailed Hawks mating in the branches, Common Ravens visit the museum, and now a Peregrine Falcon stopping for a bite to eat. 

Common Raven (image taken on Yale West Campus)